Monday, August 20, 2018

About Digispired

In 2009 Longwood ITTIP recruited high school students from Southern Virginia for the Digispired ii Project. We began the program with over 65 students. By joining the Digispired ii program students were to embark on an adventure in exploring Science and Engineering principles behind game controllers, they were going to interact with experts in the gaming industry, and learn to enhance programming skills using multi-platform game development tools to create games.

Digispired ii is currently in its 3rd year. Students meet at either Longwood University, Southern Virginia Higher Education Center or Virginia State University for two weeks in the Summers and for 10 Saturdays in the Fall and Spring. Students receive a stipend of $400.00 per year (depending on attendance) for all their hard work.

During these past few years students have learned new techniques in game design and program coding. They have learned to use the C# program for game design and in the upcoming year students will focus on using Unity 3D. This program is used to create games for the Wii gaming system.

For more information, call our office at 434-517-0717

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