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The Next Generation of Digital Design   DIGISPIRED ii is a Workforce Investigation Inspiration for Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Program funded by the National Science Foundation to Longwood University.  Digispired ii was developed for high school students in Southern Virginia to explore game design, explore STEM principles behind game controllers, learn to use C#, and then create games using Unity3D.
choose from 10 presets in either light or dark each of which can have either a light or a dark mainbody. Also, there are High, Medium and Low modes, in regards to the detail level, which allows Digispired staff to choose from either, a more graphically intense or a more graphically conservative variant of your style of choice.
powered by an army of small yet efficient turtles Digispired is powered by a small turtles, these turtles are very efficient and can even make PCB circuitboards. They could not however, help me come up with an article for this area. So it will simply talk about turtles.

Digispired Students Attend ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia


Digispired ISTE Students

A total of eight Digispired Students attended ISTE 2011 National Education Computing Conference in Philadelphia, PA June 26-28, 2011.   The students are involved in the Digispired program which is funded by the National Science Foundation and sponsored by Longwood’s ITTIP office in South Boston.  The students showcased their projects that utilized the Scratch and Alice software programs using arduino and pico boards.  The participating students  pictured (left to right) included  Jay Garrett, Cody Short, Tremaine Allen, Allen Scott, Cassie Wilson (Student Teacher),  front row Chris Martin, April Napier, Kyle Woods, Josh Lacks

Digispired ii Students Travel to Science Museum of Virginia

On Saturday, October 9, 2010, Digispired ii students from Southside Virginia travelled to the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond.  While there, students experienced the Fear Challenge Course, attended the IMAX presentation on Mummies and Destination Universe. Digispired ii is a program funded by the National Science Foundation sponsored by Longwood University’s ITTIP office in South Boston. Digispired ii is designed to encourage students to choose careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Digispired ii students include:Todd Allen, Tremaine Allen, Christopher Allen, Bradley Allen, Amber Artis, Jerrod Ayres, Ben Blythe, Andrew Bolding, Vashaun Brandon, Ceciley Brinn, Timothy Brown, Dejah Burrow, Stephen Burton, Christopher Butler, Zachary Claud, Cody Clevinger, Knhojzhee Coleman, Tyler Cox, Christian Dailey, Taylor Dillow, Chy Dixon, Wilmer Fitzgerald, Palmer Flipse, Delbert Garrett, Nathan Gilliam, Brett Hall, Maximillian Harwell, Caitlin Helinski, Briana Hill,  Chanel Jamison, Darius Johnson, Joshua Lacks, Cheyenne Lambert, David Lamm, Dominique Lassiter, Kadeem Lewis, Tevin Logan, Josh Martin, Christopher Martin, Jacob Maskal, Omari McKinney, Hunter Mitchell, Jay-Waan Moore, April Napier, Jagger Newcomb, Chris Pence, Zack Raney, Jorge Reyes, Justin Saunders, Allen Scott, Samuel Seay, Cody Short, Blake Stanley, Carl Stewart, Phillip Suber, Tyson Taylor, Tyran Taylor, Larry Taylor, Dallas Turner, Tom Walsh, Hoyle Wang, Ashley Ward, Timothy White, Forrest Williams, Kevin Wood


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